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Quality and Environmental Mission, Policy and Goals

PAVIGRÉS CERÂMICAS, S.A., considering:

a) Its Mission:

  • To continue to be a solid business group in the ceramics industry, constantly striving to anticipate and meet the market's expectations, offering global and integrated wall and flooring ceramic tile solutions, with products that stand out in the market due to their recognised quality and aesthetic value;
  • To continue to ensure compliance with legal and environmental protection requirements;

b) The image of prestige and trust it has among its customers,

Acknowledges as a fundamental vector for its success, and a means to achieve its global goals, the implementation of this Policy, which is based on the following guidelines:

  • Satisfying its customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers;
  • Minimising the environmental impact of its activity, investing on the continuous improvement of its Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System;
  • Complying with all applicable regulatory, legal requirements and others;
  • Providing the necessary resources to achieve the company's goals and targets, and creating conditions for possible investments in new projects, focused on the satisfaction both of customers and of all interested parties, including the host community, in order to promote the company's financial consolidation;
  • Preventing pollution.

The Management Goals of PAVIGRÉS CERÂMICAS, S.A. are:    

  • To improve its Economic / Financial results.
  • To increase the satisfaction of its Customers.
  • To improve the satisfaction of its Staff.
  • To improve the performance of its Suppliers.
  • To protect the environment and prevent pollution.

14 October 2014
The Chairman of the Board of Directors
José Diogo