Technical Products




Our Coastland Collection is a technical porcelain stoneware, suitable for all areas, but highly recommended for high-traffic locations due to its excellent technical performance. Presented on two different surfaces, Coastland comes in 4 different formats and 5 colours inspired by nature.

"Concrete” is a collection of technical porcelain stoneware, dual loading, which translates the true visual spirit of Portland cement. With high technical quality and lasting durability, this product was specifically designed for high-traffic areas. Available in 4 formats, 5 colours and 3 textures with matt [R9], matt [R10] and bush-hammered [R11] finishes.

The Granity Air” collection offers us the elegance of natural stone in its purest form. Due to its high technical performance and its ultra-compact surface, this collection is suitable for any type of application, including high-traffic areas. There are 10 colours, 10 formats and 4 different surfaces.