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Pavigrés adopts an environmental protection and pollution prevention approach, both in the manufacturing processes and in the end product, adopting measures to reduce the consumption of natural resources through reuse and recirculation. Raw materials such as energy, water and air are assets of all humanity and, therefore, vital components that must be preserved, so all manufacturing processes involving their use will always be our priority in caring for their use and management.


Sustentabilidade é a capacidade da Natureza e da civilização humana coexistirem de forma contínua.



To design and manufacture ceramic flooring and wall tiles that enhance the prestige and trustworthy image of PAVIGRÉS in the global market, thus ensuring the Group's sustainability and growth.


Sustainability is the ability of Nature and human civilisation to co-exist continuously.

The company adopts an environmental protection and pollution prevention approach, both in terms of production processes and products, with the aim of reducing resource consumption. Raw materials, energy and water are vital components of all processes.

Of the water treated at the IWTP (industrial wastewater treatment plant), a significant part is recycled for the manufacturing process.

Pavigrés reuses a number of waste products and by-products inherent to its manufacturing process, such as dust from dust removal and raw sherds. More than 99% of the waste produced is sent for recovery operations.


Continuous improvement is a priority in the areas of efficient energy use, energy efficiency projects, evaluation of opportunities, development and application of energy policies and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Recovery of hot air from the cooling zone of the furnaces for other processes such as drying and atomisation.

Investment in non-polluting energy with the installation of 2222 photovoltaic panels at the Cerev Production Unit. With an installed power of 1 Mwp for an annual production capacity of 1392 Mwh, the direct result is a significant impact on the reduction of consumption (13%).

Indirectly, 350 tonnes of CO2/will no longer be emitted each year due to the reduction of energy needs.


The protection of the environment, reduction of waste production, efficient use of natural resources and the reduction of environmental risks. The activities related to the monitoring and operational control of its environmental aspects and impacts are managed in accordance with the environmental management system.

Sampling and analyses are carried out in the area of employee health and safety, as well as the safety of working conditions. Existing and potential risks are assessed and measures to reduce them are implemented.

Pavigrés' environmental management is based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard for environmental protection systems, on a principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Environmental Product Declarations
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Porcelain Stoneware
DAP 002:2019
Glazed Stoneware
DAP 003:2019
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