Resource management, sustainability




For several years now, environmental awareness has been growing in the Group, based on a principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance, not only because of the impact that today's actions have on the resources available for future generations, but also because of the immediate impact on production costs and competitiveness. The company adopts an environmental protection and pollution prevention approach, both in terms of production processes and products, with the aim of reducing resource consumption. Some of these actions include:

  • Development of new products with lower thickness, which allows reducing the consumption of raw materials and, consequently, emissions inherent to the process due to their consumption and processing.
  • Growing demand and replacing raw materials with similar low-carbon materials.
  • Carrying out periodic energy audits, which enable a detailed and exhaustive study of the production processes, thus making it possible to identify sectors where improvements can be made.
  • Reduction of clean water consumption through recirculation of treated wastewater, which consequently reduces discharges into the water system.
  • Dry grinding lines, which not only do not require the use of water in the transformation process, but also allow the reincorporation of grinding dust.
  • The declassification of raw cullet, atomised powder and cooked cullet allows us to use them as by-products.
Regarding the waste generated, we can state that 99.9% of the waste is sent for recovery operations.

Dry rectification line