Pavigrés - Corporate Video



We were born in an era when a handshake represented our word of honour, a commitment, and we always respected ours! We are a fusion of experience and know how.

We have grown, since 1978, with ambition and with the aspiration to do more and better! Never we were just a ceramics company, we are more. We are a legacy, an historical heritage: Pavigrés; Grespor; Cerev, which merged and expanded, designed to build our vision of the future.

Today, we represent the generation that continues working by implementing our foundation roots: Dynamics, Vision, Work, Service and Quality to respond to the needs of the world we live in… We are the industrial artisans of modernity!

Confidence in our experience, in our ancestral and avant-garde wisdom places us as a reliable company, nationally and internationally! We are Pavigrés Cerâmicas S.A. (since 2004).

We are the generation that fulfils the dreams, desires and plans of those who live in a world designed by us, a company with history in your stories. We are part of your family, we are in your homes, in the living rooms; in the kitchens; in your bathrooms, in patios, in public spaces, we are everywhere, everywhere in the whole world… We are with you! Our essence is to be part of yours!

We are not just a company, we are an institution that is in the second generation, led by (timeless) ties that remain and unite us to the roots of the creator of this great legacy…. We follow the principles that have always guided us, focused on the objective of responding to (your) needs, with the quality and the sophistication that define us. We are the essence of all previous generations who passed through here, always at the forefront!

Lives/reverberates within us the memory of our founder and his ethics based in the contemporaneity of the bonds that were created. We are with you! Our essence is to be part of yours!

We are Pavigrês Cerâmicas S.A.!